Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale.

We may be a bit biased because we’re around them every day, but golden retrievers are one of the most wonderful dog breeds you can find. These dogs love people and become a part of your family from the moment you bring them home. Golden retrievers believe the world revolves around their owners, and they show intelligence that you will appreciate from the moment you meet.

Every golden retriever demands a lot of attention and love, which they reflect back to you. If you plan to adopt one of these dogs, you may wonder about the difference between male vs. female golden retrievers, so you can make the best choice for your family.

Differences Between Male and Female Golden Retrievers

The most obvious difference between both types of golden retrievers is size. Males are bigger, growing to up to 75 pounds or about 10 pounds more than females. They also stand about an inch and a half taller at up to 24 inches tall. However, if you get your female puppy spayed early — around 6 months old — she will tend to get larger.

Other differences between golden retriever males vs. females relate to their appearance. Males have:

  • More muscle.
  • Larger heads.
  • Longer coats.
  • Bigger ruffs.

Male golden retrievers also have distinctive manes that look almost like a male lion’s while female golden retrievers have shorter noses. Their differences are perhaps the most significant when it comes to their relationships with their owners. Male golden retrievers worship their owners. Female golden retrievers love their owners, but their devotion may not reach the same level as males.

Male golden retrievers may also be more affectionate than female golden retrievers because of their dispositions. They like to show their adoration for their owners by wagging their tails, licking your face, roughhousing or spending time with you. Females can be more territorial and independent than males.

Similarities Between the Two Sexes

While the two sexes demonstrate physical differences, their temperaments show more similarities than differences. They are both equally easy to train and do best with positive reinforcement while training. Praising them for their efforts helps them learn.

Both male and female golden retrievers are fantastic family dogs. They approach children with care, showing a gentle nature that your entire family will enjoy. The dogs ultimately want to please you above all else. They respond with enthusiasm when you show your appreciation or praise them. Golden retrievers can sometimes be competitive about getting your attention no matter their sex.

You can enjoy companionship from your golden retriever or take them on a hunting trip to give them the exercise they need each day. Male and female golden retrievers need regular mental and physical stimulation. They will also very gladly climb into bed with you at night, whether they’re male or female.

Should I Get a Boy or Girl Golden Retriever?

We think you’ll love either sex — golden retrievers are fantastic dogs that will fit right into your family. Contact us today to discuss adoption options or ask questions about our fantastic puppies and dogs.

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