Pomeranian Puppies For Sale

Pomeranian Puppies For Sale.

Pomeranians are a breed of dog of the Spitz type. Spitz dogs are a domestic dog characterized by thick, long and white fur and pointed ears. Their tails often curl over a dog’s back. The Pomeranian received its name from the Pomerania region in north-west Poland and north-east Germany.

Poms became popular by many royals in the 18th century. Queen Victoria had her own Pomeranian and they were made popular shortly after. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the Pomeranian’s size decreased.

What do Pomeranians look like?

Poms are small dogs that weigh 1.3-3.1kg and stand about 20-36 centimeters tall. They are sturdy little dogs with a double-coat. Their top coat makes a fluffy ruff around their neck, a quality they’re known for! They can vary in colour including white, black, cream, orange, sable, tan, black and red.

Pomeranians were originally bred to pull sleighs, guard livestock and guard homes. Don’t underestimate this little ball of fur! Now Poms are bred as companions for families and small homes.

What makes Pomeranians special?

What makes Poms so great is their personality! They’re feisty, perky and have tons of energy for a little dog. When it comes to interactions with other dogs, specifically larger dogs, they tend to forget about their small stature. They will occasionally tackle and or bark at larger dogs! But not worry, it’s all fun and games.

How often do I need to groom my Pomeranian?

Pomeranians need to be groomed at least three times a week. Because of their dense fluffy fur, brushing weekly will help avoid matting and knots. You can use pin, slicker or bristle brushes! You can bring your Pom to the groomers for a trim in the summertime so they don’t overheat. It’s recommended to avoid doing this during the winter months as they get cold quickly.


How often should I walk my Pomeranian?

Poms thrive when walked twice a day. Once in the morning and evening for 20-30 minutes is perfect. Avoid times when it’s overly hot outside. If they don’t get enough exercise and mental stimulation, it can result in boredom and extra energy around the house.

How do I train my Pomeranian?

Because Poms pack in a big personality in their little bodies, training them is essential. Their friendly and lively humour is coupled with them also wanting to prove themselves to their humans and stand guard. If they’re not trained properly, they can become dominant and stubborn. If you’re training your Pom, be sure to use praise, treats and positive reinforcement!

With PetCloud, you can have a trainer come to your home over the period of six weeks! They will use positive reinforcement techniques in line with RSPCA guidance to teach your puppy. Check out these  dog training classes to learn more!

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